prime entertainers

Experienced strippers or exotic entertainers working at high-end clubs frequently secure the attention and monetary support from regular patrons.

Depending upon the stripper’s comfort level with the patron, the $ amount patron agrees to contribute, and with her club rules, this “regular” relationship is likely to form a verbal contract.

The stripper will guide nearly all of the contract details, allowing for input from the patron.

When she has developed comfort with the relationship, including safety and financial concerns, the stripper may allow the relationship to evolve into a companion or sugar daddy arrangement.

This arrangement may or may not feature modeling or visitation and entertainment outside of the club. Or, given the stripper’s technological capabilities, it may be via cam shows.

The stripper is in control of the relationship. If she so desires, she may guide the client to contribute to a donation fund, scholarship fund, or to make purchases via an online shopping account.

Of interest, sugar daddy’s are generally more generous with support with the knowledge their contributions go to something worthwhile such as education, breast augmentation, etc. as opposed to a drug fund or to the boyfriend’s pocket.

She may have the client purchase outfits for her to wear. It’s and open game. Again, she controls everything.

All the negotiations and dialogue must be kept secret for the discretion of both parties. And, the stripper must be highly organized, keeping notes about client preferences, particularly if she develops multiple support relationships.

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